Using a tightly stretched canvas on the wall ... it immediately adds to the atmosphere at home or at the office. 

We deliver the Citymap on a top quality canvas which remains perfect for years to come.

The canvas is sunlight resistant. And it's easy to clean with a damp cloth. 

The canvas is printed upon with the newest 12 colour photo printer with pigment ink. By using 12 colours, the details and colours sprint to life in photo quality.


The frame is 4cm thick. We use slats that do not bend after some time. That's because they consist of multiple layers of quality wood that are glued together.

We deliver a fully stretched and framed canvas. On the bar of the canvas frame a mounting system is pre-installed, allowing you to easily hang the canvas on the wall.


All materials:

from 69 euro
Atmosphere at home or office
Indoor use: Yes
Outdoor use: No
Thickness: 4 cm
50x70cm: 1,3 kg
70x100cm: 1,8 kg
100x140cm: 2,6 kg
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from 49 euro
Lightweight, budget friendly
Indoor use: Yes
Outdoor use: No
Thickness: 0,3 mm
50x70cm: 65 gr
70x100cm: 125 gr
100x140cm: 250 gr
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Plastic (Forex)
from 79 euro
Lightweight, strong, water resistant
Indoor use: Yes
Outdoor use: Yes
Thickness: 5 mm
50x70cm: 1,4 kg
70x100cm: 2,8 kg
100x140cm: 5,6 kg
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Brushed Aluminium
from 89 euro
Stylish and strong everywhere
Indoor use: Yes
Outdoor use: Yes
Thickness: 3 mm
50x70cm: 1,8 kg
70x100cm: 3,6 kg
100x140cm: 7,2 kg
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