Brushed aluminium (Dibond) consists of two strong external layers of aluminium with in between a hard black coloured core of polyehtylene. The bottom layer has a white finishing. The top layer, on which we print, is made of brushed aluminium. The material has a thickness of 3mm. Dibond is dimensionally stable, UV and water resistant, and suited for long term use.

With brushed aluminium Dibond, we always print directly onto the panel, with a UV flatbed printer. This printing procedure guarantees the best result.

The Citymaps in brushed aluminium Dibond are suited for both indoor and outside application. They can be used for years in all weather conditions. The material is very strong and not susceptible extreme hot or cold temperatures. It can be used outside for a very long time (30+ years). And for indoor use, it serves its purpose for ever (well, at least for about 100 years).

Mounting the aluminium Citymap is easy and very stylish.

We produce a small round opening in each corner of the map. And we include beautiful chrome spacers, which can be mounted on the openings. The spacers are hollow inside, allowing to put screw or nails (not included) through them. You can also decide, for outdoor use for example, to discard the spacers and mount the Citymap with rope or straps through the openings.

All materials:

from 69 euro
Atmosphere at home or office
Indoor use: Yes
Outdoor use: No
Thickness: 4 cm
50x70cm: 1,3 kg
70x100cm: 1,8 kg
100x140cm: 2,6 kg
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from 49 euro
Lightweight, budget friendly
Indoor use: Yes
Outdoor use: No
Thickness: 0,3 mm
50x70cm: 65 gr
70x100cm: 125 gr
100x140cm: 250 gr
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Plastic (Forex)
from 79 euro
Lightweight, strong, water resistant
Indoor use: Yes
Outdoor use: Yes
Thickness: 5 mm
50x70cm: 1,4 kg
70x100cm: 2,8 kg
100x140cm: 5,6 kg
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Brushed Aluminium
from 89 euro
Stylish and strong everywhere
Indoor use: Yes
Outdoor use: Yes
Thickness: 3 mm
50x70cm: 1,8 kg
70x100cm: 3,6 kg
100x140cm: 7,2 kg
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