We offer our city maps in six distinct themes or designs: Anthem, Coral, Flow, Satellite, Sketch and Vintage.

The more you zoom in, the more details become visible. But a view from high up looks great too. We even left out the street names, so it's more beautiful. And less cluttered.

Be sure to play around with it. And create the view that's perfect for you!


Anthem is a clear theme in which grey-taupe gradations of buildings and ground areas are combined with white streets. In addition the theme has olive green accents for the parks and cobalt blue waterways. Anthem fits in with most contemporary interiors.


Coral is a google maps alike theme, mostly due to the bright white, yellow and darker orange streets. Buildings are not displayed in this theme, making it uncrowded.


Flow is a tranquil earth themed version with white streets and olive green nature. The waterways, ground areas and buildings are displayed in distinguishable shades of soft blue.


This theme shows the real satellite photo composition for the location of your choice. An amazing natural view. All the other themes go to street level. But Satellite photos are (for legal reasons 🙂 ) limited to city level. Still, that's quite ok for creating stunning maps!


What would the world look like if it was drawn by hand, on paper? Well, now you can try to find out! The close up looks of the cities are really marvelous.


A combination of the past and the present! Vintage shows the streets of today. But with a look & feel from decades or even centuries ago.