Your city. Your street art.
Create your own
beautiful street map.
Your city. Your street art.
For your home
Or as a unique gift.
Your city. Your street art.
New York, Paris, Sevilla,
17 Canterbury Road in Folkestone
Your city. Your street art.
High quality prints
on canvas, aluminium, cardboard...
Your city. Your street art.
You create it
We ship it to you
Your city. Your street art.
A range of designs
for every taste and interior

Looking for a magnificent city map print?

Citymap XL is the specialized web shop for trendy street maps.

Your personal map in one minute

Choose your location. Could be the city you live in, the village where you were born, your address, ... Anywhere in the world.

Zoom in & out and move the map, just until it's perfect. Select a design, size and material. Aaand... you're done.

A beautiful map. Your personal art. For your home. For your office. For a friend who moved to a new city.

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Multiple Theme Designs

Every detailed street map is available in different themes. Choose the city map design that best fits your interior style!

Currently we provide six themes. First, the classics: the contemporary Anthem, the recognizable Cora and the soft Flow. In addition we now offer three new ones: the Satellite view, the Sketch drawing, and the look & feel of the old days: Vintage. 
And we aim to regularly add new themes for your city blueprints!

Be sure to play around with these designs. The more you zoom in, the more details become visible!

Printed on different materials

We offer each detailed city map on different materials. Each has its own texture, characteristics and advantages.

You can choose between street maps printed on canvas, poster paper, plastic (forex) or brushed aluminium. Discover which material best suits your needs!

from 69 euro
Atmosphere at home or office
city map canvas
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from 49 euro
Lightweight, budget friendly
buy city map cardboard
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Plastic (Forex)
from 79 euro
Lightweight, strong, water resistant
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Brushed Aluminium
from 89 euro
Stylish and strong everywhere
buy street map aluminium
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We get you a trendy detailed map print of your city center. In the material and design you prefer.

Citymap XL is a specialist in high quality ornamental city maps prints.

 Elegant and ornamental, for every house style.

 With a large choice of maps and designs

 Citymap XL is the specialist in contemporary city maps.

  • Printed on high quality canvas, strong cardboard of brushed aluminium.
  • Luxurious street maps available for every possible city
  • Large to really large size
  • Hanging at home or as a unique gift. Also for business purposes.